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Thread: Carp in puddingstone?

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    Default Carp in puddingstone?

    Does anyone know or anyone has caught good amounts of carp from Puddinstone lake?

    Looks like a nice lake, never been there before. Whats a good bait there? What type of fish you usually can catch? Please give me some advises.

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    Dec 2006
    Covina CA


    I would like to know my self!!!! Fished there for everything else but carp! Tips, locations, bait???? Any help.

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    Aug 2006


    I certainly hope there are few carp in the pudd.

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    May 2007
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    Been fishing there for years, and it's become a complete fishery minus small mouth and stripers...its a great blue gill, crappie and bass lake....the bass will challenge you to find but when you do, it's on....the carp on the other hand are abundant in the lake, and during certain times of the year, they come into the shallows in groves and you can catch them like crazy. Usually early spring...just as the red ear and blue gill start to bed....i've seen them caught up to 15lbs...

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    Default carp

    I caught a 22 and 24# carp in one week on the East shore this year.

    There are bigger ones, but check here with the carp experts:

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    Default yes there is

    yes there is carp at the pudd i fish there all the time i caught a couple of them at the east shore buy the taller dock and in the little channel right in the front when you go into the parking good luck

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