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Thread: Illegal things that go on at legg(info)

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    Donít know if your still on FNN but you hit it right on the head with that one.. thatís exactly whatís happening. Never once have I been checked for a fishing license at legg. I have one, always, every year. Iím sure 80% of people that fish there donít have one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerryG View Post
    Just when I thought I had seen it all at Legg I was fishing there the other day when a dude rolls up on a bike. He has a 1 gallon orange container in his hand as he walks up.

    -He asks me if I ever fished live minnows for bass?

    -I tell him nope, I don't use live minnows. Just artificial lures.

    -He then tells me live minnows is the best way to catch bass as he empties out some water from his orange juice bottle in to his hand. He reaches out his hand to show me a tiny live bluegill and bass.

    -Then he asks me if I want to buy some minnows for bait.

    -I told him I wasn't interested in buying any bait.

    -No sense in trying to reason with the guy he new what he was doing was wrong and really didn't care.

    -He proceeded to ask everyone who was fishing if they wanted to buy live minnows from him.

    You can add this to the list of illegal things going on at Legg....

    Wow! I guess people are desperate enough to do that kind of crap nowdays.

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