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Thread: Modifying, Customizing & Personalizing Your Lucky Crafts!

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    Default Modifying, Customizing & Personalizing Your Lucky Crafts!

    Updated 3/20/12

    Customizing Your Stock Lucky Craft Flash Minnow 110.

    I’ve received quite a few PM’s asking for me to detail the steps of customizing the LC’s. The level of difficulty range from easy to moderate, depending on how creative you want to get with the special touches on your creation.

    Basic customization consists of upgrading (replacing) stock hooks and adding simple designs to the body of the lure. While advanced customization goes into more elaborate cosmetic design of the lure, either by hand stroke or airbrush methods.

    Let me start by making this statement. With the exception of upgrading the stock treble hooks on some LC’s, it is absolutely NOT necessary to custom enhance them in order to catch fish. These lures are a finished product right out of the package and will catch fish “as is.”

    I do it because it looks cool, keeps me busy when I’m bored and it’s fun to catch fish on a lure that have your own special touches on it. I also feel a bit more confident throwing these lures and “confidence” goes a long way in fishing.

    Post up and share some of your special creations…

    Basic tools required.
    Acrylic nail polish (colors).
    Acrylic top coat (clear).
    Small split ring pliers (jewelry type).
    Toothpick or thin artist brush.

    Basic steps to enhancing your LC.

    The first thing that I usually do with my LC is to replace the stock treble hooks. On most of the Saltwater Series patterns, the LC’s already comes with the stronger and corrosion resistant Nickel Plated #6 Owners ST41 Cutting Point Trebles Hooks.

    Some of my favorite patterns come from the Freshwater Series. For example, the MJ Herring (as featured below). These freshwater patterns come with the weaker bronze treble hooks that will bend out easier on larger fish and can rust with just one session in the surf. This could cost you a memorable catch and should be replaced.

    Stock MJ Herring LC.

    Replace all three stock hooks.

    Always use hook protectors while working with any lures.

    Add red gill slits.

    Add Sardine dots. If you have a steady hand, you can use the brush provided on the nail polish bottle. Or you can apply the dots easier and more accurately with a toothpick or a thin artist brush.

    Add any other “special” touches.

    Apply a thin layer of nail polish shiny top coat over the gill slits and dots.

    Finished product - Weapon of Mass Destruction, ready for the battlefield.

    ************************************************** ************************************************** **********

    Here are some "Wingnut Specials"..... it doesn't take much to make your own "signature" LC!

    Here is my "TEAM 57 Deadly Dozen".

    Never hit the surf without them. You never know when conditions will dictate which one to use. The trick is to match the pattern with the moment... often, you have to change it up many times in a single day.

    The 100% Factory units: Metallic Sardine, Metallic Zebra Sardine, Metallic MS (Missing Scales) Sardine, Metallic Candy Sardine, Nashiki Sardine, Aurora Mackerel.

    The Factory "Enhanced" units: MS American Shad/Sardine, MS Green Mullet/Sardine, MS MJ Herring/Sardine, MS Aurora Black/Sardine, Silver Baitfish/Frankenfish Sardine, Factory Tune BSP/Sardine.

    Some of my personal favorites: Custom "Frankenfish" & Barred Surf Perch Sardine.

    Tools & accessories:

    Paint pens, acrylic nail polish, laquer, split ring pliers, Owner's nickel, anodized red & tin treble hooks, Owner's feather trebles (for clear water & finicky Halibut bites).

    If you're not familiar with the LC's, it's hard to pick up on the cosmetic enhancements.

    Here is the before and after pic of one of the LC's that I "enhanced".

    The factory model, on top, is the factory tuned version with two larger treble hooks.

    I added another hook and replaced them with the smaller sized Owner trebles with the red trailer.

    Then I put the Sardine dots on each side of the body and place red slits on the gill plates.

    Minute changes, but very effective.

    The Ito Vision 110 is a pretty decent surf lure. My favorite pattern is the Akahara Iwashi. Love the trippy treble hooks on them. The movement is more of a side to side wobble compared to the fast wiggle of the Flash Minnow 110. Even though it also has the sliding BB weight like the LC's, it is lighter and are harder to cast for distance. But a nice lure nevertheless.

    I caught a few Butts on them and a couple of Calico Bass out of the surf a while back. I own quite a few of these Ito's and just can't figure out why they're more expensive than the LC's? I have more confidence throwing the LC's... so that's what I tend to stick with.

    Here is my Ito Vision 110 "TEAM 57 Deadly Dozen"... but not as deadly as the LC's.

    The top left corner is the Akahara Iwashi pattern.

    I'm testing out quite a few things this time... from some new custom LC creations to a new line and even a new ProCure scent that I've never used before.

    We'll see how it goes, still learning and trying different things out there... thinking "outside" the box.

    Hopefully, I'll be posting some positive results.

    I think I'll take these two along also.....
    Freshwater patterns with a few special touches, straight from Japan.

    I'm also going to give my new "Bad Creation" a try!

    I don't keep my lures in boxes. They're only in a box when I hit the water. I try to keep them in their original packaging until I'm ready to open them.

    I have three of these slat wall panels & hooks displays to organize all my tackle. This one has my saltwater tackle. Closely guarded 24/7 by "Wingnut Pug"!

    Here is what I carry with me when I hit the surf.

    A small size Simms chest/waist/hip pack. It depends on how you want to wear it. I prefer to wear it as a backpack because it's out of the way, but can't be easily accessed.

    It contains the following items:

    A small box that carries about six of my favorite LC's, a few swimbaits and a Krocodile or two. An extra spool of line, bottle of scent, measuring tape, sunblock, lipbalm, hand towel and an infrared water temperature gauge. I wear my digital camera around my neck on a strap and tuck it down the chest area in my waders. The camera is completely water proof and is shock resistant.

    Essential gear consists of the following items:

    Waders, wader boots, 3rd Grip Holster that carries a pair of pliers, Boga Grip, and second rod. Cap, sunglasses, personal floatation device and last but not least... Team 57 or S.W.A.T. apparel.

    Okay, here they are... some new "wicked" creations.

    A new generation of "Frankenfish".

    I'm gonna unleash them this weekend.

    He he... brainstorming at the LC workstation, working on my stash before I head out!

    Whatdaya think about this latest "Chrome Frankenfish?" Too flashy?

    Check out these new Saltwater Game FM110's that I got imported in from Spain.

    Aurora Skeleton Sardine and Horse Mackerel.

    Check out the Aurora Skeleton Sardine. The Sardine dots are under the outer skin coating... cool!

    Here is my TEAM 57 "Santa Claus Special" LC.

    The Xmas Frankenfish. I'll start throwing this one in December.

    There will be a few of these hanging on my Christmas Tree!

    Meet "Nightmare" Frankenfish LC.

    My Halloween creation... to be used on heavy overcast days only.

    Here's the RS LC that I got in from Japan.
    Let's see how well it does in the surf this weekend.

    I used to throw the "Factory Tune" LC with two larger treble hooks a lot. This version never fouls up. I've found that I get a much better hookset and a higher landing percentage with the smaller three treble hook version.

    When the Halibut hit the lure and one of the treble takes hold, the rest of the hooks usually grabs too once the headshaking begins. This is great when you get that legal, but a big pain in the butt trying to unhook and release shorts.

    I also noticed that the slower you retrieve the LC, the less chance that the hooks will foul with each other, which is the way that I prefer to work a LC, with a slow roll!

    Hope this offers you up some ideas!

    TEAM 57
    - S.W.A.T.

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