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Thread: For Sale MarCum VS 560 Underwater Viewing Camera

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    Default For Sale MarCum VS 560 Underwater Viewing Camera

    MarCum VS 560 Underwater Viewing Camera


    360 degree viewing
    Camera rotates in housing with a push of a button or can be set on auto-pan.

    Nite-VU lighting system greatly reduces particulate reflection and improves viewing distance.

    On-screen display shows camera view direction, depth, water temp and battery status.

    Video output jack for recording or attaching a larger monitor.
    Better direction control, better lighting, better view. Only two things really matter with an underwater viewing system: knowing where you°re looking, and the quality of the picture-how well you can see. MarCum Technologies has achieved breakthroughs on both fronts with the new VS560.

    Lights that are placed around a camera lens result in reflection from particulates in the water, making it look like driving in a blizzard

    The VS560 lights are positioned above the lens, like rack spotlights on a pickup cab, which greatly minimize the reflections from particulates
    The LED's emit a special blue light that our research has shown to yield the best water penetration and picture under all water conditions
    This new Darkwaterʂ Technology makes a huge difference in picture quality.
    On the new VS560, there's no ice arm or surface device to control direction

    Instead, a motor inside the underwater camera housing itself controls camera direction
    Turn it either from the keypad or with an optional compact infrared remote device to get a 360 view up to 10 feet from the control panel.
    Add the new VS560 to the list of most-copied products from MarCum Technologies

    But this time it may take the competition a bit longer to catch up.
    The most advanced underwater viewing system on the market!

    Top-mounted, super bright LED's cut particulate reflections enhancing viewing distance and utilize Darkwater technology improving image clarity.

    Camera Controls
    Camera direction can be controlled from monitor keypad, or with the optional infrared remote control which controls camera functions from up to 10 feet away.

    Camera Direction
    Direction indicator on 5.5" high-resolution monitor screen tells where camera is pointing.

    Steering System
    Directional motor is not above the ice on an arm, but is underwater in the camera housing itself as an integral unit.

    Camera Viewing
    Camera will pan back and forth automatically, or rotate manually for a 360 view. Directional arrow indicator on monitor shows camera viewing direction.

    Battery Status
    Battery charge indicator tells percent of battery remaining
    Low battery warning flashes when power is low
    System includes 12 volt 7 amp battery plug-in charging system with charge complete indicator light
    No alligator clips to mess with.

    Water Temperature Display
    On-screen display reads water temperature at camera depth.

    Camera Depth Display
    On-screen display shows exact depth of camera.

    Adjustable Cable Cleat
    New adjustable cable cleat allows user to adjust cable length right from monitor housing
    No more walking to the ice hole to let-out or take-in cable, simply release cord from locking mechanism and adjust length, all without taking your eyes off the screen.

    Camera Cable
    60 feet, Kevlar reinforced.

    Paided $525 for this unit asking $425.00 sipping inlcuded Please PM me if your intrested. Thank you
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