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Thread: Hesbros got Klocked 2-23

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    Default Hesbros got Klocked 2-23

    Been talking with John (Fnn Klocked) for awhile about getting out on a hooping trip with the Hesbros. We were finally able to pull it off today so we met up at South Shores at 1300 and launched the boat. We had to run down to San Pedro Bait to get a scoop of dines (Nacho has no bait). We tried a few drifts for flatties outside Carbillo Wall but the wind was coming up so conditions we not too great. We moved inside for some more drifts but only came up with raked baits. Thats ok, we were just killin time till sunset.
    Heres a few pics.

    John working hard to catch a fish!!!!

    Rich (My bro) doing the same as John, just on the bow. Ahhh sunset!!!

    We had all the hoops on at 1800. Started pulling our first set at 1830 for 3 just barely legals.

    I dont know how many sets we did, maybe 5 or 6 and ended up with 13 legals, 10 of which were nicer sized. John was like a robot, he pulled every net, every set! Thanks for the hard work John!

    We sent the robot puller home with a limit of 7, and the bro and I split the other 6, heck I was happy to get 3 for doing nothing but drving the boat around and all Rich had to do was wind rope.....

    We were off the water at 0100.

    Here is a shot of John with some of his bugs!

    Rich got this Sandy between sets.

    Thanks again John for all the hard work and hanging in there with the "Hesbros" grind. You are welcome on the ride anytime.


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    nice work cap Eddie, good quality bugs too.

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    Nice job. It is nice to get some lobster after staying dry and driving all night, I should know i only pulled 2 hoops this year when my partner had a cramp.

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    Eddie, Rich,

    I missed being out there with you guys but you picked a great substitute deckhand!

    It is very hard to tell you I can't go when there are no Buggs in reserve here in this house!


    Great job on the Buggs and enjoy the feast!!!!!!

    It sounds like you passed the deckhand test and I am sure you will be invited again and hopefully I will be there with you!!

    Sorry the Big Flatties did not want to play of it would have been an awesome feast!!

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    Eddie and Rich, I cant thank you two enough for getting me out on the Hesbros for some hooping.
    It was an awesome experience!! I've always wondered how you guys did so well compared to others
    and last night I was able to see and experience first hand what it takes to do well.

    With all of the knowledge both of you have and how much work is involved, you both deserve every
    lobster you keep. I also appreciate you guys taking the time to explain why certain legal lobsters go
    back into the water instead of ending up on the dinner plate.

    I'm willing to pull hoops for you guys anytime!! No cramping here!!

    The gathering.....

    The plate......

    Thanks again for the great time aboard the Hebros

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    Congrats on the Bugs! Hey Eddie, the "treats" goes into the broiler tomorrow.

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