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Thread: Late Report 1-21-09

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    Default Late Report 1-21-09

    Well here we go. Got to the lake at 10 a.m a late start because of work around the house needing to be done before I went out fishin at the "Jewel". My son could not make it out with me, he was feeling a little under the weather so I decided to go out anyway's since my wife was at home. Started by throwing some surface plugs because let me tell ya it was ugly out there!!! Breezy light rain and dark. Went around a few points with no luck, tough bite for hours until I get hit once again on the magic KPN!!!! anice 4lb LMB right next to the inlet tower. This thing came up and crushed it!!!! 2:30 rolls around and I decide to slow troll a MegaBait Charlie in trout pattern right on the surface around the eucalyptus trees. I get Slammed!!!!!! this thing's rippin drag and peelin line like no other. All Of a sudden the rod slips out of my hands, dont ask me because I dont know how. My rod flys into the water and my instinct told me to go after it and a few moments later I find myself in the water with the rod in my hand held above my head. I threw the rod on the boat and tried viciously to get back on the boat but I kept slipping off again and agian. I was freaking out!!!! I didnt know what to do, I somehow managed to get back on behind the boat using the motor as leverage. Thank god the motor was off. Im back on the boat praying and my rod and reel are all soaked, my line still out and im lying down on this boat for 5 minutes looking at the sky with rain falling in my face, when I see my rod bouncing and making its way toward the front of the boat. I grab it and there's stilla freakin fish on!!!!!! I start cranking and cranking, I bring in a 2lb LMB. Im thinking to myself I went in the water for a 2lb LMB????? what the hell???? I called it a day and went home wet clothes and all. That was the worst fishing day of my life, I should have stayed home and hung out with my boy.

    Goes to show you never know what can happen.

    Not going back there for a while.
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    Sorry to hear about your incident, but at least you got a fish.

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    Glad to hear you washed the stink off and beat the Skunk! LOL


    Lucky the wind didn't push the boat faster than you could swim Dude!
    Glad you're making a report and not in the news.

    Tight lines (and better grip, lol) to you.
    Careful out there!

    Where's the pic? rotflmao sorry man
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    Good seeing you out there. I hope you will at least enjoy the stripers i gave you today. It was tough but we got on them for a little while. Take care of the cut you got to, those aluminum decks get really slippery in the rain.

    take care bro

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    It was good seeing you out there as well today!! Those rentals remind me of a slip n slide in the rain. Be careful bro!! I dont wanna see u end up in some Pho!! Hope you enjoy that nice and tasey green water bag that I have u. Say high to the wifey for me. Take care brotha

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    The good,the bad AND the UGLY for you all in one day. Glad it turned out for the better!

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    Glad you're OK Vision. Next time don't "chum" the stripey like that........ J/K.
    I'll be in Ontario area Mountain/60 fwy this Sat afternoon. Do you want to see some of my new creations ?
    Thanks for the report.


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    Great report, i'm glad everything turned out good for you, although you got wet, at least you were able to go home to your wife and family, and you were able to retrieve your gear and you got fish !!!!!

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    Default Same thing happened to me at Perris

    I was with my tourney partner and we were drifting the East shore. I layed my rod down for a moment to grab a drink outta the cooler and all of a sudden, my rod slams against the side of the boat and goes over in slow motion. Luckily, I was in position to chase after it and w/o considering the consequenses, I went in and got it as it was going down.

    I surfaced to hear my partner LHAO! It was Winter, I was all wet and cold. I had my jacket on went I went in.

    Low and behold, it was also "just a 2 pounder" on the end of the line.

    I had to rescue my rod, it was brand new, on it's first outting!

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    The only reason we fish barefooted at Puerto Vallarta
    is to jump in the water at anytime, not recomended, but
    sometimes for emergencies, like a rope on the propeler (simbras)
    you have to..once I unhooked a sea turtle,
    simbra is a long rope with hooks and bait, squid

    but for rod and reel and a fish? nah, don't do it. be safe

    it happens, and is quick and unexplainable
    the rod just goes in the water, and most of the time there is no fish
    you hands just open, and .. that's it

    I'm glad you're ok, that day was a Hard fishing day
    I was in the lake with Brian socalguy07
    we got some LMB left of the marina

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