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Thread: Gary's Beer Battered Striped Bass

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    Default Gary's Beer Battered Striped Bass

    Gary’s Beer Battered Striped Bass


    *Striper Fillets.
    *Mckormicks Beer Batter.
    *Granulated Garlic.
    *Lemon and Pepper seasoning.
    *Old Bay Seasoning.
    *One bottle ”Flat” beer, I use Corona or simply a Budweiser, the flatter the better so leave it sit out early.
    (Optional)-Seasalt (I add this from time to time).

    Step #1.
    Need I say more ?

    *Lay out your Striper fillets and cut them into somewhat small “manageable” size strips.

    *Generally about 3” x 2” x 1” or less strips works best but smaller if they are considerably thick (thinner is better).

    NOTE: if you leave them too big and they are thick, you will end up “undercooking” them and you will miss out on the delectable tasty treat that it should be !

    *Pour the batter mix in a large bowl.

    *Mix the beer batter mix with the spices listed above, add the spices liberally, they really juice up the mix and add some zest into the mix.

    *Stir them all together.
    *Stir in the flat beer, stirring with a fork, add beer slowly and mix/stir as you go, stir thouroughly and add just enough beer to make the batter pastey but fluid enough to run off the fork slowly, this assures that it will bond to the fillets properly.

    *Preheat deep fryer at about 375 degrees, I use canola oil but safflower oil works great too, just about any oil will work though.

    Note: make sure it’s nice and hot before cooking !

    *Add the fillets to the mix by simply placing them in the bowl of mix, stir with a fork gently.

    *Make sure the entire fillet is covered in batter.
    *Use tongs to remove the battered fillets from the bowl and place in the deep fryer.
    *Add only a few at a time and allow them to slightly solidify by shaking the fry basket a bit then add more, this makes sure they do not all stick together.
    *Fry until golden brown.

    Note: do not overfill the fry basket and take your time cooking them, you may want to sample the 1st one to make sure they are cooking thouroughly plus the chef always has to sample the treats at this point, that’s part of the process !!!

    Step #5.
    *EAT THEM, share with your friends and family, nothing makes better friends than a nice fresh beer battered striper fry…

    ENJOY !
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