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Thread: Oh Boy, What a summer it has been!

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    Default Oh Boy, What a summer it has been!

    First off its great to be back on the site!! I've had a great summer going back to Maine and also Canada for a Fishing camp!

    Maine was great, still good fishing, for 3 1/2 weeks i caught about 60 fish, all decent size. Nothing too special. Because i was the only serious fisherman at the camp, i was known to the littler kids as Brian, "Fishing" Brian. I don't have any pictures of Maine this year due to the untimely misplacing of my camera, later to be found in one of my jacket pockets at home.

    About 5 days after returning home from Maine, i set off for Canada's Tatachikapika (Tata-Chika-Pika) lake. A lake about one hour away from Timmins, Ont. It was so great to finally be with kids that loved to fish. The boats were decent, with a sluggish 9.9 Hp engine, and fish finders that were basically depth finders. I joined a boat with my two friends, Me being the only noobie on the boat, we did some amazing fishing. We where the only boat without a staff member, and the only boat that caught fish EVERYDAY. People started begging to join our boat and whenever we took them out, we caught fish, but they didn't. It wasn't the boat but it was the skill.

    Now to the fishing. The lake holds Pike, Walleye, Yellow Perch and the occasional Smallmouth Bass (no one caught any). The walleye fishing for me was the most fun, Jigging with minnows on an ultralight, and feeling tap...tap...Hookset, was ausome. The occasional pike on the ultralight was also amazing.

    Here are some pictures from the amazing fishing and unspoiled wilderness on Lake Tatachikapika.

    The lodge

    Paul's 32 inch 7lbs pike, biggest of the session. This fish came out from under a staff members boat and took his chatter bait about 5 feet from our boat.

    A nice walleye stringer, all caught by me. I didn't want to keep the fish but my friend wanted to eat it at the fish fry.

    13 inch walleye (Decent size for the lake)

    Nice pike and a massive walleye caught by me (17 inches) The pike are all about 21 inches in comparison. This Walleye came out of nowhere and took my weedless spoon while i was fishing for pike which is basically unheard of, it was a shock to see a walleye on my lure. This was the biggest walleye of the camp, and it was the most fish caught in a day by me in the camp [21 pike in 3 hours]

    A nice sized pike, around 27 inches.

    On the last day of fishing we had about 4 hours to fish because of thunderstorms. We were told to stick by the dock and not go to far out, so we did. After 30 minutes and no thunder we decided to head out further. We hit a walleye hole catching about 6 fish each in 2 hours, then we started hearing thunder and decided to give it 5 minutes. Then more thunder, last cast and i catch a 14 inch walleye, last fish of the summer.

    Right then we decide to leave. Me driving the boat we start heading in. As we get closer we see the head of what is a big thunderstorm.

    We see lightning strikes about 1/2 a mile away from us and we have about 1/4 of a mile to go. It starts getting closer and closer, now i start to get really freaked out. Right as we get and dock thunder crackles over our heads and lightning hits a tree nearby. If we had left 2 minutes later we would have been in serious trouble. It was such a close call i was shaking the whole way up to the cabin.

    Despite the storm incident i had a wonderful time at camp, catching a total of 104 fish in about 9 days of fishing. Our boat ranked in the fish numbers in the top three, Paul was #1, Giles was #2 and i was #3, best first year camper. Totally an unforgettable experience!

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    Brian, way to go on the Northerns, buddy!!!

    Looks like you guys absolutely killed em out there!!!

    Thanks for the report.


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    Planet Earth


    Pretty awesome vacation! Wish we had some Walleye here... but NOT the Pike. Great report!

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    What is up young Man?
    Thanks for sharing your great Summer with us. You have come a long way from when we first met you at Irvine a couple of Summers ago!
    Nice Work!
    A couple more weeks of Summer then it's time for you to study hard and earn next Summer's trip!


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    Sounds like you had a super great Summer fishing at camp. Very . Congrats on your catch. Thanks for sharing on FNN.

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    Great report and pictures, I'm sure it will be one you remember for years to come.


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    A fishing camp!?!?! Sweet!

    Nice job on the fish count!

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    good job! some awesome fish

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