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Thread: Where to fish

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    Default Where to fish

    Okay folks I have participated on this board in the past and now I need some help from you folks. I am going to the June Loop with the family the week of August 10th. I will be introducing 5 kids to fishing the youngest of which is my 3-year-old daughter who has been dying to go fishing for over a year. She stands on our air conditioner with her rod and pretends she is fishing on a boat. I have a 12 year old boy, but she will be my lifelong fishing buddy.

    I have my haunts in the sierras that I fish routinely, but usually by myself or with another friend or two, never with 7 people let alone 5 kids. Obviously wading the Owens is not an option here, and other spots I frequent do not afford the safe shoreline space for this many people especially with my baby (3 year old daughter). I know that Lundy has a lot of available safe shoreline space, but beyond that I am lost.

    We may choose to rent a pontoon boat one day if you have any suggestions as to locations for this to.

    Believe me the kids, especially my daughter, and I thank you all in advance for your assistance in advance.


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    Grant will have lots of safe shoreline space also. June has some and I'd say you'd have the better chance for the kids to catch fish at June, and renting a pontoon boat will work good there. For kids, size is not the's just catching.
    Years ago I took 12 kids ages 3 to 12 fishing for their first time to the west side of the Sierras and had a great time. All the kids caught fish, some limits. There are a few things that you need to be sure of when starting kids fishing.....take them to a lake where there's plenty of fish that are easy to catch, bait fishing with the easiest form of bait possible (PowerBait is the best), and split them into groups of 2 or 3 so there's a competition between them all which will help them have more patience in waiting for the fish to bite. Another way to keep them occupied while fishing is to feed them sunflower seeds....not filling and not too bad for them.
    With the kids you hook onto fishing, you'll be rewarded for life. I am :D
    Good luck in your quest.

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    Thanks Trout-Tuna,

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    SOUTH LAKE!!!! its closer than june loop and you also have MILES of creek to your disposal!

    also in the south lake area, there are multiple lakes such as: Sabrina, North Lake, Intake II, and a mess of backcountry lakes.

    South lake boat landing does rent pontoons as well as regular boats.

    give us a call for more details.


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    Doesn't matter where you go in the sierras, it's what you use that counts..

    Yellow power bait with garlic spray will get any kid a limit there. 2-4 foot leader.. size 18 hooks on 2lb test

    Gold red thomas bouyants also catch tons of fish for those that have casting skills.

    Pick a canyon and go.. don't worry about hooking up. Bring the right gear..and you'll do fine.

    I'm a big fan of Rock Creek Lake for kids.. easy access.. it's awesome up there and there's TONS of camping options. At least 10 campgrounds up there... at least. June lake would be second pick.. Gull lake is full of monster trout, and has easy access... grant is definitely rockin' Tough to get down to the water in places though..

    Bishop creek canyon is up there too with my favs.. Lake Sabrina when full has a steep shoreline... but down by the boat docks with some yellow power bait will get you limits easy. The fish planting truck dumps them in right there,and a huge school usually just hands out right there by the docks.

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