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  1. Hey Matt I just got a Decoy 5" Hydra Tail as my first swimbait and have been doing some research on how to fish it etc. and I stumbled upon a thread you started on here back in November of 2010 (yeah really long time ago) where you talked about the bait and everything. You mention softening up the tail of the bait to give it an even better kicking action and I was wondering exactly how to do that and if it is even necessary. Any information you could provide me with would be greatly appreciated.

    btw I also watched your video on the Last Chance website where you explained the bait and it got me pumped to throw this thing out there!
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    hey i saw your pics so i went out to skinner fishing cranks at the tules on the south side on thursday. lots ofsmall ones 3-4 inchers and big fish on the move looks like the lake waterlevel dropped 3 feet since i was last out there. any way i had a tough time almost got skunked i could not for the life of my get any big fish to bite . they followed my crank but wouldnt commit . if can see them in 7 feet of water am i to close to them to catch ? were you fishing the banks or the deep ? what depth do you catch em at? what color crankbait ?
    please help me i need to slow down or speed up or i dont know what
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    What you might consider is teaching people who just bought a new boat how everything works as well as how to fish different species along with dvl. I don't think any other guides offer this type of instruction. Use their boat and gas and give them a good lesson. Prior to the day on the water discuss what they will need in a brief phone call. You can make it happen,have faith and best of luck.
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    Hey Matt it was great meeting you and Dan today at Last Chance. Thanks for all the info, sorry we kept you guys late. We will definitly be stopping by again. You guys have a great store, well stocked indeed. Thanks for all the help, we'll put our new tactics to use next Sat.......Jen
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    Welllll.Mr. nice job pushing me out of the night tourny and for the river. Thanks for getting me pumped for somethin I cant go to now cuza work stuf. LOL
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    I'm always ready for a fishing trip.
    I havent had much time lately only fishing the city park lakes and occasionaly Float tubing Newport Harbor (a lot of fun)
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    Hey Matt, its FNT here. Got one quick question for you, can you give me a little info on Dvl? Any help will go a long way. Thanks
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    Very intrested in the Generic Trout...said your box was full. Pm me or send me an email
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    Hey Matt,

    I know we haven't spoken before but I've seen you post on FNN multiple times and you seem to always have great advice. I just read your most recent post and was wondering if you wouldn't mind giving some advice to a rusty fisherman. I'm looking to get a boat and get on the lake next week sometime and don't have much experience fishing from a boat. I'm looking to through some swimbaits but I was curious what else you'd suggest considering swimbaits are an everyday thing and DVL. Any advice you have on boat positioning, swimbait techniques, or any other lures would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for you time!

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