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  1. Hi CastMan,

    If it is spots to fish or even hints of boat handling ..... a must have book is one done by Mark Wisch on the local LB fishing. He owns Pacific Edge Tackel in OC.

    He should also have the water proof map of San Pedro/Catalina by MAPco inc or something like that ... it's a topo chart with lots of info and at most tackle stores or they can order it.

    Don't know many PBers good enough to ask ..... sorry,

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    Hey Ron I hope you don't mind me messaging you but I've got a bit of a problem and I really need some help and I really don't know a lot of people here in the forums.. My brother in law bought himself a boat back in June and has fished off and on since then and having very little experience he's in a bit of a skunk. He been inviting me to go with him so I can show him how it's done. I haven't felt up to going til now due to illness and the problem for me is while I have fished local spots like the Horseshoe etc.. from an open party boat and tons of inner harbor bass fishing I have almost no experience private boat fishing outside the the harbor.

    So what I really need help with is where to go? . I need any help you could provide me with even if it is referring me to someone you might know that could help. I'd greatly appreciate it my friend! Have a great day!
  3. Hi SirBlahBlah,

    1) How long? 18 feet.

    2) Motor? 60 HP

    3) Take on S.I.B's Ducky is a 'Pacific' 4 chamber inflatable w/hard 1/2 hull & deck. Buddy's in garage. SIB business ?? If it doesn't have above(fiberblass) I'd not go past the breakwater.

    4) Safety. Buddy fishes TUNA down in SD !!, to Catalina, and places like 14 mile bank. Very dry, hull cuts waves but inflatable area just conforms and rides over the rough waves. Stable enough to travel at 25mph with 1~2 foot waves. Very gentle on the old knees, legs & back. Difficult to make it catch air with a full load of gear. 3 can fish easily but 2 is better. Fred Hall show will have 2 or 3 booths and you can get a demo ride if you ask.

    For harbor/breakwater your rig would be fine but I wouldn't go out past that ..... maybe not even to our local rigs. Again, speaking with the folks at the show will do you very good and besides .... they've got deals too !!

    Show 3/9-13 at L B Convention Center.

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    Hi JapanRon.

    New to the forum and just wanted to say love the reports and information you give out in your posts. I've noticed the inflatable boat in the posts. Been thinking about getting an inflatable boat for fishing purposes in the near future and just had a few questions for ya if you don't mind. Don't even know if the boat is yours or your buddies but maybe you can help.

    1) The boat Rubber Ducky, i'm assuming its a R.I.B. hence the trailor? How long is it?
    2) Motor HP?
    3) Your take on S.I.B's (soft inflatable boats)for inshore/close to shore fishing. I don't have the space to store a full boat, RIB. main reason why i'm looking into a SIB for fishing
    4) Safety. How does the Rubber Ducky handle out a few miles from the shore?

    I'm looking at getting a 12' SIB in the near future with possibly a 15-20hp motor and just wanted to see your thoughts on taking a boat like that a few miles out. Would be greatly appreciative as I see you've been out a little ways on a smaller craft.
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    hahahaha, It's ok bruddah, I've been so busy lately, I haven't had anytime to hit the salt but I may be hitting it within the next week or so, How's the So Cal been lately, possibly do a Twilight trip. Any info will help

    Thanks bruddah
  6. Hi Which Way Out,

    I don't mind giving it up but .... it's all the crap I get from PMs of others I want to avoid. You notice lots of guys block out backgrounds and nobody says jack .... but the minute you say .... you won't give it up ........ Whoa ...... then it's different !! Don't get it but ...... whatever. :)

    Lived in Japan 30 years ........ pretty much as a Japanese. Lived longer in Japan than the U.S. !! ha ha

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    JapanRon that's alright I can take it... I know how fisherman are.
    Whats the Japan thing all about? Are you from there?
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    Thats ok about the location. I would bet I could find them if I put in the time. But living in Goleta now will preclude me from doing it anytime soon.
    What movie are you talking about anyway?
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    hey tsurikichi - remember when my girlfriend and i stopped by your booth at the show? and u took a picture of us - what site can i find that on? Can you send me the link?

    thanks man

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    Hey JapanRon,
    Island Boi here, long time no see, I know been ridiculously busy and living in Fontana now, I don't get to the salt that often. Anyways, I was wondering if I could pry some info from you. How has the salt been lately. Looking to go out Monday on posssibly the So Cal. was wondering if the bite is good, decent, or should I stay out in the I.E.

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