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  • California fly fisherman

    We are not limited to just fly fishing but the #1 rule is Release wild fish

    And if you have to keep a fish make sure it is a male. I do have secret fishing spots about 30 for trout and 15 for bass, but you will have to gain my trust first that 1 you won't keep ANY of the fish there and 2 you will not tell another soul. Some are not that secret and some are only known by the locals. Please join you will have a great time.

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    Why release wild fish?
  • SoCal Inshore Elite

    Team of anglers who love to inshore saltwater fish the bays, piers, harbors, jetties, and lagoons of Southern California. Feel free to even post about freshwater fishing. This team is meant to bring Inshore Anglers together and help each other. Please join and thank you to all!

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  • fishing team

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