Team Recon

Team Recon is nation wide fishing team.Fishing is a part of our lives. We mostly fish for LMB, SMB, and Striper Bass basically any type of bass.Catfish is our 2nd n most fished fish. When winter comes around we go after trout and salmon. We are everyday anglers that love fishing. We also join tournaments too. We fish all local lakes and water resources our number 1 is the California Aqueduct , that is where you will catch us the most. There is no entry or joining fee its all free. We are starting to make our own lures and team members get a lure to use n test it. First entry members also will get a free Team Recon T-shirt. We also hold picnics and BBQ for team gathering and meeting. So if you love the game of fishing and wanted to join a team here is your chance. Remember "This Is Not Your Daddy's Fishing Team" is the slogan we fish off lol. We don't have a age limit so kids are welcome. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me.

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