Trout: The first Fish I ever caught!

  1. Santa Fe Eric
    Santa Fe Eric
    Whats up Trouthunters!

    I'm 39 years old now and I started fishing when I was 35. Someone took me fishing for 2 hours once when I was a kid, but I don't really remember much about it. I had no family or friends that fished. I bought Rapala fishing game for PS2 and wanted to try it. So at 35, I go to Santa Fe Dam and start throwing one of the Rapalas that I bought. I had about 15 of them with 8# Test. someone asks me what I'm fishing for, "Catfish or Trout" I replied. They looked bewildered but at 6'2 and 300#+, I guess they didn't wantto push it.
    4 months later, I go to Big Bear and the coolest older Asian Gentleman shows me how to set up for Trout. Two hours later a fish jumps out of the water and my pole bends. I was hooked! I was at Big Bear every other weekend for a year straight. One time I threw out a powerbait ball and my drag started peeling as soon as I closed the bail.

    Trout, you are my first and favorite fish!
    That's a great story! I love trout fishing too.

    I was hooked as a kid. My dad would take me and my friend Mark (FishWhisperer) to Lincoln Park or Legg Lake to fish but I don't remember catching anything. Then we started going to Silverwood and Lake Gregory and that's when we really started to catch fish. Then as I got older (teenager) I stopped fishing. Got back into it when my two older kids were 5 and 6 (20's for me). I only had one friend who fished and that was Mark. While working at Trader Joe's I met a couple of guys that fished and they took me up to the Sierra's for the first time and I was hooked. I fished off and on from then but really got into it again about 3 years ago. Now I fish at least once every weekend and try to get in one day during the week sometimes. I love fishing. The days I can't fish I'm watching fishing shows that I DVR, reading fishing magazines or on FNN reading reports. I just can't get enough!
  3. troutman27
    Cool story

    I am 28 and started fishing as far back as I could remember (with my Dad)....probably around 3. It wasn't until I was 10 that I started to appreciate the experience of catching a trout. That place was Robinson Creek in the Sierras.
    I live in Fullerton and probably fish for Redear at least 3-4 days a week, and when I am not there, I try to hit Jenks, Green Valley, or when I have the money and time, the Sierras.
    Only been a member on FNN for less than year, but I do enjoy reading the reports, since some of them provide the drama and entertainment of a teen soap opera.
  4. simijab
    The first fish that I remember catching was a mack of the malibu pier with my grandpa. I think I was about 4 but not sure. I have the picture some where. I'm 32 now and my grandpa just passed away this last year I owe him for getting me in for fishing. we tried to set up a trip to the convict last year but he slipped away to fast. Any ways I don't want to get all mushy so yeah a mack at the malibu pier
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