B*G*H* impeachment

  1. Danny300
    It has come to my attention that BIG GAME HUNTER over the serveral couple of weeks has failed to live up to his ninja heritage. I know members are very mad and hurt of him turning his back on us.

    It deeply hurts me to announce. He has be come a member of the team *Bait&Wait* He says he enjoys the coffee,donuts and the daily newpaper converstations that come with fishing with the elderly during the day.

    I now am putting to a vote that we impeach BGH & we re-name him *StockerFishKiller*

    The floor is now open

    How bout we just punish him and take his rods away from him for a month!
  3. CL SmooV
    CL SmooV
    danny stop acting like a republican! give him a warning my brother!

    yo warriormoke, love the painting pic you got with the dogs. its from my fav movie. good ****....
  4. smokinflies
    Moto doing the bait-n-wait thing?

    I don't believe it!!!

    You got any proof, Danny?
    lol...long live the SUICIDE*KING MUTH#*&@^R...LOL..i nominate danny 300 for bass bashing on a fellow angler, hater...hahaha
  6. skylarjames2009
    I don't blame BGH for trout fishing hes pretty good at it and bass bite is slow right now. Danny don't hate just participate
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