What's up fella's!!!

  1. Fishinnut
    I just wanted to say what's up to everyone. I just joined your group because it looked like you guys have a lot members that like to fish as much as I do and your good sticks. I live here in Chino Hills Ca. and fish all the local lakes like, The Pud, Prado, Corona, Peck Park, Santa Fe Dam, Legg Lake and pretty much any where there's water with fish!! I've been fishing since I could walk and love to bass fish year round, as well as, chase those Big Striper. I hope to hear from some of you soon and we can go slay a few fish.

    Have a Safe New Year!

    AKA Joe
  2. Danny300
    welcome fishnut...your close....we gotta make a run soon!
  3. surfhard
    I live in chino/corona so hit me up whenever. pm or what not..
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