Small Trout At The Vine (Editorial)

  1. Poxy Boggards
    Poxy Boggards
    Trout on average have been much smaller this year. I remember opening day of the 07-08 season I left the vine with a 15 pound stringer. This years opener, the fish were much smaller in the 1 to 2# range, and admission has been raised.

    When I first started going to the Vine I really thought that the staff and the company had a great deal of integrity. They inforce the rules, or so I thought. This season I have witnessed some shinanagans during the tournaments that has made me question that integrity. I have for the most part kept my mouth shut about what I have seen, but in all honesty the events that I have witnessed have tarnished my opinion of the credability and integrity of the lake and personel.

    Am I saying that I won't go back? No, but I have not patronized the lake as much as I did last season, and until I see things improve, I doubt that I will be entering the tournaments anymore. Any thoughts?
    I'm with you brother. I love this lake and the scenery makes it a great spot but the fish this year have been small compared to last year. To be honest I don't think I'm going to fish there until I see some quality fish start coming out of there. I can pay $6.00 at Rancho Jurupa and Glen Helen which are producing some quality fish right now. $17 at Jess Ranch which is also producing quality fish. I don't want to knock the vine but for $22 I expect quality fish on the average. Sorry T.D. I know this is your lake. I hope the big fish come back soon!
  3. Santa Fe Eric
    Santa Fe Eric
    I had such a bad year 07-08 at the Vine that I felt discouraged from going there. My wife is a big supporter of my fishing. When she gives me the space to fish + $40 ATM withdrawal for entry, launch, burrito and I come home upset and not happy, then she doesn't think that we are spending our money wisely.
    I've never left Jess Ranch without a smile on my face. People get skunked there too, but thank God, I seem to do well at that lake. For me, i know you have to put in time to know a lake and get consistant results, that's a given. But in 07-08 I spent $200 just in gate fees at the Vine and brought home less than 10 fish for the year. I love the scenery, I love that they sponsor FNN, I attended the event this year, but did not fish (I enjoyed setting up & Chillin').
    I sucked at SARL this past year too, but Corona gave me love.

    OOPS! I forgot what this thread was about
  4. Rooster
    The Vine Tourneys are a JOKE. The masters this year will be decided by who spends the night and gets the boat ramp. After tons of complaints they still stock them the night before a tourney while 100's are watching at the boat ramp. Stupid simply Stupid

    Anyone can catch a llloyd at the Ramp after a huge stocking just hours before opening. This is NO way to decide a true masters champion.

    And yes the trout are atleast 1lb smaller this year on an avg. And the bigger units are more deformed looking then SARL.. SARL kicked there *** this year in my eyes! Tailwalkers for the WIN
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