Calling out all P3 members ....

  1. UrbanBassER55
    Calling out all P3 members who have put a bad name to P3 , with getting skunk and not being able to handle kicking your *** around the lake.

    Grow sum Tech. !

    Martlaro - Dont leave your worms in da bag . Bad JU JU.

    Please bring your A game to The Stone. This is no walk in the park kids!

    Tournament is in full effect.
  2. technician
    Oh I know you just didn't go there punk. I'd like to see your skinny *** get to the other side and back. I own you, 10lbers all day, 6lbs pshh that my friend.... Is child's play
  3. UrbanBassER55
    haha. Right. Well see this weekend son.
  4. UrbanBassER55
    Please dont get mad when i catch the new Pudd lake record.
  5. technician
    You wish kid
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