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  1. Skyler
    Hey, guys. Lets try to avoid a repeat of the poacher thread. It's okay to make a joke here and there and so on, but when everybody jumps into a thread at once, it becomes problematic. Lets keep it tactful.
  2. fishinarteest
    I hear ya people got banned over that thread
  3. goose2foru
    The orders where heard loud and clear. Really people got banned over that thread.
  4. Skyler
    Who got banned, Arteest? Other than DS's trip to the penalty box...
  5. fishinarteest
    Oh i thought cutbait did to but nevermind. DS got banned, I almost did. for a while i thought you did to
  6. seal
    I'm still alive and kicking. Decided to take some time away from the insanity. I really don't like to fight with what appears to be mostly kids. We did take it too far but it was fun.
  7. Dr. MindBendo
    Dr. MindBendo
    Wow I can't believe DS got banned. It doesn't surprise me that a lot of people don't see the humor behind the brigade.
  8. Skyler
    "for awhile I thought you did too."

    Lol, I don't post on the weekends because I'm generally out fishing. Most of my posts occur while I'm at work.
  9. fishinarteest
    I had to lay low for a while so my posts were to a minimum this week, except when i posted about lake irvine. As for the people failing to see the humor in the bbc, it doesn't surprise me. Considering when you look at the people who didn't get it.
  10. Skyler
    Well, I think it's about time to stir it up a little. I say we go back into character for a few days this week, lol.
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