Best gill net for the money?

  1. Skyler
    Any thoughts? I've been looking at this one:

    Big enough that I can cut it into sections and cover every wild trout stream on the mountain. Think I'm gonna need a bigger bucket...
  2. DarkShadow
    If you're going for wild trout, I heard 'bleaching the stream' is the way to go.

    Dunno if that means pissing in it, and then harvesting the stunned fish, or what, but sounds like something the Bucket Brigade needs to look into.
  3. fishinarteest
    Maybe you could throw striper in them, then after the striper eat all the trout, catch the striper(using a net) and have an even bigger meal. Btw whos up for a bucket brigade event at eisenhower
  4. Skyler
    I like the way you think, Arteest...But I think Snakeheads will work better.
  5. fishinarteest
    I know an even better fish. There called wolf fish. I saw them on that show hunt for big fish, they eat anything
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