So Cal Fishing Club

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  1. lakersmn
    Have any good pictures or news of good bites.
    Let me know & join the club!
  2. lakersmn
    Hello, thank all of you for joining my club! Make sure you tell all your fishing friends to join! I just started this club to find fishermen & women who love fishing and would like to get together, have parties, fishing trips (freshwater & saltwater), tournaments for club members only and other cool stuff. I've been fishing So Cal for 33 years, started when I was 2 :). So anyways I'm going to fish Alaska next week and when I get back I will be sending an email to everyone with the 1st club trip, proababy to Catalina, Lake Skinner, Irvine or anywhere else the fish are bitting!
    I have 19, 21 & 26 foot boats ready to go!
  3. ONI
    I want some of that Halibut! How much do you normally bring back from AK? Where are you going there?
  4. lakersmn
    Well hopefully I will bring home 200+lbs and if I do I'll give you some no problem. Went there in May for a week and only brought back 100lbs, fishing was extrememly tough. We go to Elfin Cove, Southwest region out the icy straight/Juneau. Leaving 8/4!
  5. lakersmn
    Going to Catalina with Derik tomorow morning in search of WSB & Yellows. Back up plan...Calico, Sheepshead and Halibut! Derik's back up plan...Blue Perch. =) No bait at the island so we'll proabably just get a scoop of dines in Pedro. Post report and pics Monday.
    Just joined. Sounds like a great club, when are we giong fishing?!
    Let me know how you do at Catalina! Let's charter a boat in Diego for a 1.5 trip. If we get 20 to 25 people it will be around $250 to $300. Let me know. Or we can charter the Phantom for $235 each again and fish WSB at Catalina.
  8. ONI
    100LBS IS GREAT! I'm down for the Diego or Catalina trip. We should wait for the Albie's to school up a little more before we book that trip. Maybe the Phantom would be a cool trip let me know I'm game either way.
  9. lakersmn
    Sounds good. Let you know about Catalina. I will check with a few captains...Shawn @ Seaforth, Danny @ H & M, Michelle & Patrick on the Phantom and see what dates they have available and the cost.
  10. sunshine
    Why don't you fish Skinner instead? The Striper & Catfish bite is really good by the inlet and line! I might go there tomorrow...
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