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  1. SoCal_Fishing
    I am a young angler who grew up in the sunny waters of Southern California. From surfing to fishing and hunting, I love the outdoors! I especially found a passion for fishing. Freshwater fishing for trout and bass my whole life, I recently found my love for saltwater fishing for bass, bonito, yellowfin, halibut, barracuda, and mackerel. Way more variety, fight, and fun! I have a fishing team on Instagram and Facebook. My buddies and I also run a YouTube channel which at this moment in time has no videos, but followers to start us up would help. I am a member of SD Fishing Forums and I am sponsored by National Pro Staff, TTG Lures, and Motion Fishing. My two favorite places to inshore fish are the Dana Point Harbor and Harbor Island/Shelter Island area. I love the compassion of the angling community. It is very tight knit. As for home life goes, I play football and am on a competitive fishing team. I am a man of God and Conservative Republican. Love guns, trucks, and our troops.
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