Irvine Lake Anglers

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  1. troutdog
    I forget to duck in hear once in awhile....nice seeing some familair faces at the Vine again. Hope to see you out there soon.

    Got my first troll fish of the season with BingJr at the Turkey Bowl

    Thanks for the props Binger, we had a great time out there and thanks again for taking me out on the GreenMachine!

  2. johnsfishing
    Nice to see ya here TD.. I forget to even come here sometimes

    Catching Trout on the Troll can be a blast.

    See ya at the lake, Ill be there Sunday.

  3. dirty girl
    dirty girl
    hey vine party people

    looks like many of you have boats so i thought id start here. any advice or links would be greatly appreciated.

    a friend of mine needs to sell his boat and im interested in helping him out...was wondering what you thought of his boat, motor...and what you think might be a fair price range...and am i about to enter a money pit, whether it is a sound investment or not...

    (i plan to leave it stored at the vine)

    here is my friend's description:

    The boat is a 1981 Sea Squirt ( a copy of a Boston Whaler). It is 18' 3" Long and seats 7.

    It has a fish finder, two way radio, Garmin color GPS.

    The boat is sound but has been left outside and looks bad.

    The minor amount of wood needs to be replaced or re-finished.

    The Engine is a 2001 115 hp four stroke with less than 25 hours on it.

    The engine is larger and heavier than the boat was deigned for.

    The transom has been raised 4" to help account for the extra weight.

    The trailer is a single axle trailer in good working order but is rusty and looks bad.

    The attached picture is 7 years old and looks better that it is today. The engine is also different.
    Only minor cracks in the gel-coat at stress points.
    It has a canopy over the center console (not shown).

    here is the link to the photos of the boat:

    username: dirtygirlfishing
    password: boat4sale

    anyone know of any newbie links for boat owners... wanna get a look at what im about to get in to...dont know if it's worth any potential hassle

    thanx for your help.

    keepin it dirty,
    Dirty Girl
    cell: 714-307-9369
  4. Rooster
    Trust me when i tell you this, its NOT worth the potential hassle..
  5. troutdog
    Alright I give up....using photobucket can anyone walk me through how to post a picture on here? Thanks!

    Who is going this weekend?

  6. johnsfishing
    I think most of us will be out there for the tourney.

    Looking forward to it

  7. johnsfishing
    I just tried to upload a photo from photobucket using the IMG Code. It says that wont work.

    You can add to the group album TD, but you have to make youself a personal album then follow the steps to get those photos into the group.

  8. troutdog
    OK I will try to do the album thing and if I get stuck again I'll ask! Thanks JF.

    You fishing saturday or Sunday John....what about the rest of you?

  9. johnsfishing
    Alright, cool.

    My Dad and I will definately be out there on Sunday the 21st! Lets go slay!!! Who else is going?

  10. troutdog
    I'll be fishing Saturday and possibly Sunday.

    I say if you catch a fish 2.25 lbs or more you will be in the money, but conditions might be a little tougher depending how much it dumps this week. I think its going to take some finesse fishing to get things done and I expect to see the more talented anglers making their mark once again at the scales.

    Fished a spot on the West Shore today and it was pretty good out there with pb, crawlers and bright plastics all had their moments. No crowds with a total of 8 cars parked across the way at TI!

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