Irvine Lake Anglers

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  1. Rooster
    I been wanting something like this for some time. Looking good on the tips and if it doesnt get to big like Team 57 i got alot of trout tips i been keeping on the lowdown. TM65 doesnt even know these tips :) stay tuned
  2. Rooster
    Is it frowned upon if we share info on other lakes or lets say NPH? Or is this just a Vine private board? I personally have no problem eitherway. just want to keep it reel >>>
  3. Troutman65
    Rooster, Glad your willing to share some of your Trout catching tips. I am ready for a DD this coming trout Season at Irvine lake. LOL . Your tips are welcome.

    Last nights CATFISH bite was wide open if you found the Kitty hole like I said . People were limiting out very fast. Some even tried to get over there limit . Last nights hot spot was in Boat Dock Cove. Shallow . This might chance tonight. They may move depper. If your going to Irvine Lake I recomend renting a boat and start fishing in Boat Dock Cove. Keep moving until you start to hook up on the CATFISH.

  4. johnsfishing
    Troutman65- Thanks for contributing as well as you have to our group!! Thanks a bunch!!

    TroutDog- Thanks for the post!

    RoosterTailRoid- As of right now this is just a group for the regulars at Irvine and anybody that likes to fish Irvine. Who knows, this could be a huge thing, but for now we will keep it on the lowdown. Also I want to try to keep this group an Irvine Lake related group. Thanks

    Thanks for posting everyone,

  5. BingJr
    Anyone fish this weekend? I didnt see anything other than kewly and Trolly killed em and Gfish didnt find em. Seemed like the fishing was descent but didnt hear any other reports.
  6. olfishergal
    I have always found the best catfishing at the vine in august
  7. troutdog
    Thinking about chasing the kittys on Thursday night, anyone game?

    Rob you can PM me all the "classified info" you want!

  8. johnsfishing
    Thanks for posting everyone.

    OFG- There should be some great kitty action to come soon.

    TD- Let us know how is goes! I was debating on whether to go this weekend because it is a full moon!

  9. Rooster
    Like i said, if this stays a tight knit group like its looking. I am more then willing to share all my top secret info and tips as long as theres no tourney.. haha I do got 1 tip for ya,, follow granny around..Mr and Mrs G always bring me luck for some reason.. L8s RTR
  10. Rooster
    All these reports and pics yet no location mentioned. Poxy & Troutdog you got any good info for the group? Location? How deep? Bait? Convince me into going :)
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