Irvine Lake Anglers

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  1. yamafish
    11-07-2008 08:29 PM

    Hey Rob,
    Can you let me know what TT stands for.

    Trollys Treehouse on the w shoreline or as TD mentioned.. the piercing.. LOL
    Good luck to all who fish the 1st masters qualifier.
  2. Rooster
    Actually TT is a fishing spot at Irvine. I would say more but this is public and dont want 800 anglers knowing this location
  3. Rooster
    Yamafish i know that fishing rod of yours well. I have seen that rod hooked up on trout atleast 50 times and there is no doubt about it by the bend of the rod ya had that tourney won with that toad. Im sorry ya lost it bro. I was rootin for ya bro. Next tourney i have no doubt you will get that golden ticket.
  4. yamafish
    RTR / Dec 20th and 21st is the Next Qualifier !
    Lets go !
  5. Rooster
    Sounds like a plan, Count me in. Looking foward to it
  6. johnsfishing
    Ya guys lets get in on the next tourney

  7. olfishergal
    I plan on being there for the next one
  8. johnsfishing
    My Veterans Day 11-11-08 post is now up.. check it out


  9. BingJr
    The 11/23 vine gathering and camp out was an absolute blast. One of the very best fishing/camping adventures I have had. Aaron (TroutDog) did a fantastic job setting it up and he and I had a blast both days. He put on a great show.

    Hopefully you guys can all make the next one!
  10. johnsfishing
    My 11-22-08 Report is now up We limited out!

    This is post 100 for the group. Cool!

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