Irvine Lake Anglers

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  1. Granny Fish
    Granny Fish
    Rooster - Thanks for the compliment. I always seem to do well when you are nearby on the water as well.

    It looks like the kittie bite is turning on. I hope someone is out there catching some tonight, cause I'm not! Planned to go, but Mr. G had to work 8 hours today on only 4 hours sleep, so we decided to go out of Alimitos Bay with Bruce and Ol'fishergal early morning instead.

    Wide Open Fishing to all!

  2. olfishergal
    It was a choice to either fish Irvine or the salt tomorrow.......Chose the salt, I will wait a week or two for the kitties.....always fun wherever I get to fish....I am waiting for the really big ones ...... those 15/16 lbers I caught last year spoiled was in the honey hole off of TI.....good luck out there
  3. Rooster
    It has been brought to my attention that everyone from the entire fishingnetwork can see the social groups and all the posts. All "lurkers" have to do is sign up and then they can do the same. Major bummar, I guess sharing tips & other will have to be sent PM if ya dont want all of so cal reading it. Good effort anyways Johnsfishing
  4. johnsfishing
    thanks for posting again everyone.

    RTR- I dont think everyone can see the messages because I have this set as a moderated group.. I thought I had a "LOCK" on it. LOL.. Ill see what I can find out.. but as far as I know now is that they have to join the group in order to see the messages.

  5. troutdog
    So who is going catfishing at the Vine this weekend? I'll be out there Friday on BingJrs boat targeting the big boyz, both of us are heading back on Saturday night with the kids and fishing the lagoon targeting the stockers and roasting mellows by the fire. Hope to grab a spot to the left of the waterfall, stop by if you get the chance!

  6. Poxy Boggards
    Poxy Boggards
    I'm heading out there tonight with a guy that I bowl with. He was out there a couple of weeks ago on a pontoon, and didn't do very well.

    TD and I did well with the Anchovies, shrimp and Bonito. Anchovies was the hot bait last week out of all of them.

    Another tip is to get some pretied double bait leaders. They have some at Sports Authority that they call trout Salmon Egg Rigs that work really well for cats. It's made with 20LB test...For Trout...

    We were in the boat dock cove area, you can probably tell where we were by the pictures TD posted in my Team Pale Ale Thread.

    Good luck to everybody this weekend! Go Get a DD Trout Dog!
  7. Granny Fish
    Granny Fish
    TD - we might make it out Saturday. Are you camping? Mike has to work on Saturday morning, so that cuts out Friday.
  8. Rooster
    TD i think you watched to much Brady Bunch when you were a kid. Mike Brady has nothing over you bro... Just kiddin bro,, You make me proud to know ya.. Glad to see there still is a handful of good standup dads out there still. BTW i will be in Newport, Cant stand bait n wait. so its swimmies for spotties for me.. Ohh dont forget da butter :) I wish you all luck.. Have fun RTR
  9. olfishergal
    hey you guys check out the new Team 57 have to be a member to see the llurkers
  10. troutdog
    Mike Brady ain't got nothing on me except a live in maid, a dog named Tiger and a cute wife....although I have a a few cute girlfriends to choose from that don't cut into my fishing time!Good luck out on the bay for spotties RTR!

    I think we are going to spend the night, we will for sure if you guys plan on it!

    Hope you crushed'em out there PoxyB! Got that DD feeling in my bones!

    See you out there!

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