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  1. Ah..the fun spots for bass fishing, on shore no less. It's all about the bait/lure type, and the time, and how hungry those basses will take you on. Largest basses are found either at the outfall (southwest corner of the lake at the dam, GPS 33.83961, -117.17732), or off the Alessandro island, southeast corner (GPS 33.8592, -117.1685). Basses hunting for bait fishes near tire reef, and along the ramp near the Parking Lots 11 & 12 (GPS 33.8717, -117.1648), where the basses are literally swim up to the shore to gulp down the baitfishes. You can also hunt for the basses in the tules (tall grasses) along the shore line near the Bernarsconi loading ramp at the south end. Some family members caught themselves some nice 18 to 24 inchers just doing a bit of wading and casting, using nightcrawlers.
  2. hey whats up bro ive noticed that lake perris is most likely ur home turf were are the good spot for lrg bass shore fishing ive been all over that lake and still have yet to find the big one lol some asian lady pulled out a 13 pounder last week on the east side by power cove whats ur opinion is that the best bass area
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