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  1. We are aheading up there mainly just to get out of cali. My wife has already had several nice job offers, and once I finish my armed security and executive protection training, I'll be able to get a job right away too.

    As for this weekend, I was gonna fly fish miller canyon creek tommorrow, and on sunday I am heading up to GVL with Man vs. Wild. If you have any ideas, just hit me up, I can drop the trip on saturday. Later.
  2. Wow...that is awesome...I would LOVE to live in Alaska. Why the move? Lucky!

    I am going to be doing some fishing this weekend, would like to catch some bass. Let me know if you are interesting on going out with me...not sure where I am going yet. I think James Payne (Drgonnacatchabigolfish) is gonna go as well.
  3. Yeah, i'm moving to alaska next year. As for lost lake, sorry, i haven't checked it out in awhile, so i don't know. I would assume they'd be on the chew by now though. Fishing's been fine. The usual limits of trout. Waiting for striper season to pick up at the wood.
  4. Skyler...I hope the fishing has been good for you. Have you hit up Lost Lake yet this year? Wondering if the bite is on there, or if it just me that can't get the bite on. I hit it a few weeks ago...saw a few bass swimming around, but only had 45 minutes, and spent a good part of that getting out of a few snags...

    Anyhow, just wondering how you are doing and noticed your "Location" says counting down to Alaska"...are you going to Alaska?
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