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  1. I'd say that they would be deeper in the late morning. But that they might still be found in the early morning near the surface. If you use a Luhr Jensen or Sep's lake troll place a teardrop weight on it by snipping one side of the bass loop near the bottom of where you normally attach it to your line. THen you simply twist it to open up the loop and place it in the lil hole at the bottom of the rudder, then twist it back so that the loop is closed in order to prevent it from coming off the rudder. This will cause it to drop a lot deeper in the water w/o having to place it too far behind the boat which would increase your odds of tangling you other lines. If you use a Sep's model you just pop the weight on where the rear snap is attached to the rudder. A 1/2 oz. will do, but 3/4 or 1 oz. will really get it deep quick. Use a 2.5 to 3 foot flouro 8 lb. leader and hang on tight!!!

    Use a Rapala Brook trout, Rainbow F09 or F11, Or jointed Rainbow J07 or J09.

    Crawlers are good too, but do not try to troll both a crawler and the Raps because the speeds needed are totally different. Rapalas need to go fast, Crawlers need to go SLOW SLOW SLOW. Dodger leader lengths should be less than one foot IMHO. Use 6 or even 8 lb. Flouro to make sure you don't lose any fish. They cannot see it when they sneak up on them from behind. No need for 4 lb. But if you ain't getting bit, I'd switch down to the 4 lb.

  2. Alan,
    Man you got some good eyes! I'm thinking now the holdovers may be going deeper?
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