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  1. SO ok lets get this group goin, mabey have a BBQ on the upcomeing holiday!
    My cousin is comein fishin on next sun we should BBQ and fish all day!
    Mabey we can reel in members with BBQ, you know my club motto, "You dont make friends with salad!" LOL! We can make sum ribs in the smoker mabet sum hot dogs or brauts for the kids, what cha think?
  2. join my group the fishicidal krew (562)
  3. join my group fishicidal krew
  4. I use to fish guiasti when i was a kid as my nino and nina use to live right down the street from there.
  5. dID YOU SEE THE POST ABOUT Gausti Lake in Coukamonga?
    Mean Oll trout! And way cheaper than Santa anna rivers lake like 5$ to park 7 to fish (thats only 10$ each for a pay lake) and not too far away.
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