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  1. hey! everything is good. I havn't really posted much lately. Been too busy w/work. lol
    I just got my license and a new pole so i'm ready. lol yea i'm down for some spring fishing for sure.
  2. How is it going? I haven't see any reports for awhile from you. Is everything ok? I hope so. I still need to get a new license so I can get back in the game. Spring is coming and the fishing should start to get hot. Got to hit DVL, Perris, or the duct with me sometime.


  3. How come this message never showed in my inbox? Anyways did you get my PM from two days ago?
  4. hey buddy, its ok. I was there for about 3 hours. It was a glorious day for bass fishing w/robos and top water, but i was bumbed beacause I droped my digital camera in the water and broke it. lol oh well.
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