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  1. I also posted a report on the Phenix FX801-1X in the tackle section...
  2. We got back Saturday. I posted a report on here (Northern Ca. Freshwater - Eastern Sierra) the other day.
  3. 8/6--8/13 at silver....are you there now? fishing good? we are in weed ca going to seven feathers this am...i,ll check e-mail tonight...kirk
  4. What are your exact dates at Silver Lake? I may try to make one last trip up there for 3-4 nights...
  5. Some nice TW's went in today...Quite a few quality fish.
  6. Yeah, I was actually gonna get up this morning and fish before work until I saw the video of all the dinks. Not sure I'm gonna fish Sunday or not. Thinking of heading to the beach again with the nice weather. Supposed to be 75-80 in HB. I'm surprised he declined your offer. How much were you below his asking price?
  7. Jeff
    he turn my offer down...I've asked for a price with combined shipping, will let you know....the stocking looked like small fish....I'll give you a report tonight...kirk
  8. The main reason I fish 2# is for castability from the tube. I started the season with 4, but liked working with 2 much better. What brand of 4# are you using, Flouro?? I left work earlier than expected and was going to come down for the afternoon, but I couldn't get a hold of you to see if you were there or not.
  9. jeff.....just to add to the post...fished 4lb and 2lb today with the same baits and caught more fish on the 4lb because i wasn't retying as often.....kirk
  10. Just an FYI...You need to go onto MY profile and post a message for me if you want me to see it. It's an age thing, I understand...
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