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  1. Actually from what I hear its on fire right now. Im going with a few guys on a rental boat down there. the shore fishing may not be great but the boat fishing is.
  2. In the old days..not recently. Too expensive for skunk days. I rather spend somewhere closer getting skunked than to drive 2.5 hours to get to the lake, pay a large fee, and get skunked. No thanks.
  3. Hey have you by chance been to lake irvine
  4. Yo Deandrew. Did try to catch cats, but they're pretty picky with what they're eating, especially at Lake Perris. Same with Lake Evans. Not much to report in. I'll head out to Perris again next week to do some carps and cats hunting along Perris southeast side. Since I have to head to Big Bear in the middle of next week, I'll probably head to the dam and hunt for cats and gills for a few hours there too.
  5. Hey leo, you done any catfishing lately.
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