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  1. Hey Ex, fishing was about the same as when you and I went, except caught more smallies this time. Hit about 6 of them, biggest 2.5lbs off the windy end of the island around the rocks on that crawdad crankbait. They were nailing that thing. The rest off the worms you and i used, and some 4" ones along that windy drift, also on that rocky side we started at. Remember the cove that has the KEEP OUT buoy we fished? I got ran out of there by the lake patrol. Whats up with that? I saw another Ranger fishing in there before me even?? Anyway, left about 230pm, just got tired. Trolling motor ran perfect, all fixed like new....
  2. Hi, headed to Cachuma Weds morn and have never fished there. Any suggestions on where to fish, what to use? I will be after large and smallmouth. I have room on my Ranger Reata for one if you would like to go as well. I have heard you are the expert on Cachuma! Thanks. - Clint
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