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  1. it's been to cold for moto to ninja lately. I've hit clear lake, but no luck. I've been to Skinner twice. I skunked bohh times. second time I was there my partners hooked up on 9 stripers. The lake is so clear and them stripers are soooo picky. If you don't have the right bait your f'ed. This weekend plan is to hit some lakes down town with SkylarJames. He has a lot of ninja spots out there.
  2. went out tonight. i got skunked but my son got a 2 lber have u been out latly ? whats up with moto he dosent call anymore.
  3. Ninja tonight? Nobody is really out right all is open!!! Lol
  4. hay been workin alote at work and x- mas tree lote in riverside.those spots sound cool lets hit them soon let me know when...
  5. want to try and hit the was Friday or Saturday night?
  6. sounds cool i went to the beach yesterday caught 2 small halubit anda surf perch about a pound it was fun my son caught a big butter mouth perch about 3 pounds. its cooled as hell to ninja now. tell me when u want to go out.latter man
  7. I've been out. Once to the Wash...i only landed one. I farmed 2 and got lots of swirls on buzz bait. Buddy caught 5. And, other time was to clear lake on Thanksgiving. Big skunk that night! I don't know why? Weather was perfect, no bites at all
  8. whats up danny what u been up to . any ninja latly
  9. is this a ninja thanksgiving?
  10. Can you guys fish this evening?
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