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  1. JT the shad are bumping!
    Where have you been?
    It's crack city time my man!
    Stop with the tuna, there are 2 lb stripers with your name on them.

  2. Your site is the **** my man!
    That west coast stuff is addictive.
    Me and Joe will be at Castiac on Sat in my little tracker.
    That is iff the wheel doe not fall off!
    Chassing stripers and stuff.

  3. Hey man you missed out on a server skunk fest!
    Joe was 2 for 5, and I was never touched! Joe was beat out by 2 oz!
    Yep he was pissed. Things are OK, the little boat is running great, it just needs a new battery. The Skippy is sitting around waiting for Rock fish to open!
    Did your guys place in the turny?
  4. What's up Karl it's JT. I hope all is well. Have you been fishing lately?? I haven't I need to go. Shea and I filmed the last calico tournament put on by the swba guys
    They have a cool site:
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