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  1. Hey Kel!! I have the Lowrance Mark 5x pro, ($200 @BPS) its a little different in that it needs a mount, thats why I built the rack. You could mount it to yours, just check out sapdawgs old float tube post. You will need to buy a battery though. I got mine from Cabelas for about $45 with charger and shipping. I had to buy the Ram mount too which was another $30. the fishin Buddy is nice cuz you dont need to buy the battery but it has fewer features and less screen resoloution. But if ya get the 120 or the 140c they have "side finding" which is really cool. It took me awhile to make up my mind. If You buy the FB you can buy the holster at cabelas and maybe BPS but you will probably have to order it. I'm heading to sierras today and taking my laptop so keep me posted on what ya get and if ya have any questions hit me up, I spend a few months researching these and might be able to help. Take care bro. Terry.
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