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  1. hey sup man i know this is super last minute but me and josh are going to jump on the tradition on sunday you should join us for a cuda slay.
  2. If you and Josh want to go out of Marina Del Rey I have some 2 for 1 passes you can have 1 I live in San Pedro heck I might even jump on with you 2
  3. o shoot i forgot all about them.

    na i wont be at the vine im going to be hiting up the tradition with Josh on Saturday

    i will be at the April farm fest on teh 23 how bout you
  4. I cleared space on my message board sorry if you tryed returning message.
  5. dude your rod holders are done will you be at the Vine saturday or sunday
  6. Dude your rod holders are done I might be at the Vine Saturday or sunday maybe both depends on weather willyou be there.
  7. o man that sucks.

    if you sent me a text message or left me voice mail i dint get it my check and my cell bill dint line up so my phone has been off since midnight last night.
  8. did u get my message i cant make it saturday
  9. aww man that is great your da man

    i thought the turnny was invite only?? wait you are talking bout the masters right.
  10. I got started on the racks today I will have them done next week will you be fishing the tournament
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