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  1. DAMN mav i just seen your DD on the Irvine lunkers section do you have no shame cover those double D's up good god man. so when you going to start doing a guide service for that lake.
  2. ya i only had a 4" Berkly curly tail worm so ill probably pic up some more plastics there is so much slop in that lake right now i figure that some lizards or creatures or what ever there called would kill on a Carolina or Texas rig
  3. I'm trying! If I could only fish the bank for a few hours, I would throw a wacky rigged senko, drop shot a robo worm or Carolina rig some plastics
  4. damn doing it big now lol. i hit the pud today for like 3 hours tossing a texas rig to try to see what all the fuss is about bass but i wasnt able to get a hit but o well ill probly try it again
  5. Thanks brother! I'm fishing tourneys now too. Representing Phenix Rods and Bass King Clothing!!
  6. dude your on the irvine site main page with a FAT LMB thats sick bro congrats
  7. bad news turns out funds sre s lil tithter than i thought and i wont be able to get it the week end of the 24th
    so if some one els offers to take it off your hands plz dont hesitat to sale it on account of me.
  8. Well i'm no fly fisherman. I hear its addictive though and seems effective. I just think that the panfish arent always biting on the surface. Saturday I got a whole bunch of slabs at the Vine, but they were between 12-20 feet deep. Its your call. Might be a good question for a fly guy.
  9. I kind of got the idea to get a fly fishing rod since I want to go after allot of pan fish this spring and summer just wanted to get your advice on this. Do you think that is a good idea or should I hold off tell I have more experience catching those kinds of fish. Or is learning with that kind of gear a good idea. The whole concept of fly fishing just seems really easy to me. Pan fish hit top water insects and that’s what fly fishing is throwing a top water fly. I dont know sometimes my ideas are wild and impulsive and beyond my capabilities. what do you think.
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