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  1. congrats bro. on plastics?
  2. the golf course is popping dog at fairmont caught 2lber at pipe and parkinlot under the palmtrees..
  3. how've you been doing foolio? done any fishing?
  4. lol.................dude i didn't get up til 2 pm
  5. sup ***, goin to farmont round 6:00 then hitting up jurupa round 7 you in?
  6. hey ***, they just unloaded trouts at fairmont...swimbaits..goin at 6...just got back from the was, farmsville..i couldn't stick the bites if i paid for em...tried jugging for carps and cats, no luck...
  7. hahahahaha is it still raining outside? i was blood ydeck gonna run on friday nite?
  8. damn danny you send all the sleep walkers wifes some weird goin to make that run tonite? call me up fruitloop..
  9. hey brother in law bought me a boat for when I head to MN. LOL I'm thinking of packing up tomorrow LOL
  10. sup friutcake? you going this thursday to jurupa? i promise you fish on so you won't whine about how i ask you to a me...
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