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  1. I got the rod from american legacy
  2. the crucial is 4 to 8 lbs
  3. what are the line ratings on the crucial? cumaras a little too long so im looking mostly at the crucial
  4. crucial is brand new with tags, cumara is in excellent shape
  5. cumara is 7'6" med fast cus-76m
    crucial is CRSD72ML
  6. im sorry the Cumara is 7'6" CUS-76M MEDIUM, FAST ACTION
    The crucial is new with tags model CRSD72ML
  7. specs of both or model numbers?? and 7'4 cumara r u sure thats the length? interestedddd
  8. also got a Cumara in excellent shape 7'4" med fast spinning $150
  9. i got a brand new crucial 7'2" ML fast spinning $100
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