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  1. u mak more colors othr than black?
  2. aight dude imm hit it up nxt weekend. my xcuse was "i gotta practice" lol
  3. i no rite!! that wld b sick. how much r they cuz i need 2 stock up?
  4. that wld b crazy. haha i kan c it in the paper...caught on drews customs and bite on!!!
  5. oh i no rite! we get in and start at 6 rite?.....haha industrialize!!! bet ur gunna smash at the derby in sales
  6. oh my bad totally forgot bout this. yea well my mom wants 2 get ther at 3 and i hav no idea if she meens in the mornin or the aftrnoon?! great...hows those worms goin?
  7. inbox cleared
  8. just the uzzz cuz of the water. i guess green, white, orange, myb black, and pink. just mix it up and xperiment i guess.
  9. hell yeah i gotcha! i think i have about 6 colors made. thinking about busting out a few more, any ideas?
  10. HAHAHA naaa i need my peace and quiet every now and then ya no!!!
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