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  1. Your mailbox was full and wouldn't let me email you, so I'm responding here:
    It was actually on the weekly stocking email, not the actual website, my bad sorry. It is just under where you click to watch the video, here is the quote,

    SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Aaron Sappenfield and his wife are the proud parents of a new member of the Inflatable Navy. A BOY, 7.1 pounder, launched yesterday afternoon. Congratulations Aaron!!

    RAIN NOTE: Don't let the rain spoil your plans to go fishin this weekend, Santa Ana River Lakes and Corona Lakes are some of the best places to fish in the rain. Nice sandy banks that drain well so it's not a muddy mess, plus you can park right next to your fishin spot. Put up a cover or use your car to get out of the wet weather. Some of the best fishing can be had in the rain, and the fish don't care there already wet

    Hope ya can get some better sleep, but probably wont....aaaah the joys of fatherhoodTake care bro and hope to see ya soon. Terry.
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