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  1. hey arvil check out this forum to get in on the baymasters classic...
  2. Haha yeah, when we pulled up in the back bay i knew it had to be you. Sorry to hear you guys didnt do too good though, but its good to know and see you guys doing these events. Pretty sure itll get bigger in the long run. And ill make sure to jump on the next events in the near future. Mos def should fish it up together too. Haha and as for TFC, we roll deeper and deeper. People always bug me to take them fishing after seeing my pics and vids, so thats what TFC does, is to take ppl out fishing in different expierences. And im making a new youtube channel, just need to edit some vids before i put it up.
  3. oh fo sho, i knew that was you but i forgot the name but remembered the tfc guys roll deep hommie, good and bingo came about 10th place at the bcm. you should join in on the next one bro..btw i seen your vids on youtube channel, good **** there bro...
  4. Whats up bro? I think that was you i saw at NPH in the back bay yesterday. I waved whats up to you. I knew you guys were out there for your baymaster event.
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