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  1. Hi Dana, it's Jimmy...I hope you've caught plenty of big ones up there, and I'm sure you have. Exactly one year ago today was when I met you at the Fred Hall Show. I'll regret it as the only time we saw each other in person, but I'm glad I had that chance to meet you. You were truly a genuine person, and I'm glad you were our Admin here on FNN.

    By the way, I'm sure you remember when dad brought you in to have a meeting with Leslie and Craig to take over Redondo Sportfishing. The owners finally were put into default in December and left. Now, we have finally found a guy who will run the landing, but I have no doubt you would have been perfect for the job.

    Like Arthur said, I don't call everyone my friends. I have plenty of acquaintances, and only a handful of true friends. I'm glad to call you my friend, Dana, and I know we will meet again.
  2. Thanks for everything Dana. You will be greatly missed!

    Jimmy and Phil Bass
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