View Full Version : Limits of fun at Lake Wohlford

02-17-2018, 07:41 AM
This was the 2nd week of 3 consecutive Wed Trout stockings at Lake Wohlford. Based upon the results of the first 2 months of Lake Wohlford trout season, these 3 weeks in Feb should have been "SLAM DUNKS!!!" (But they are not!!) We haven't had any rain to dirty up the waters, but we have had an unseasonable warm winter. I'm only guessing that might be the problem, but it could be something entirely different. So when we arrived at our usual sleep in special time, "Noon" I wasn't shocked this time to see no boats fishing in the Boat Dock area. I did see all the boats fishing in the West end of the lake. (which is the deep end) That area has been very good to me for catfishing in the past, but I never caught any trout down there. I'm still a 1 trick pony and was going to drift the East end of the lake. (the very shallow end)

I write these reports for the enjoyment of doing them and to help thy fellow anglers catch fish. Which is why I give full disclosure on everything I'm doing. When fishing was really good in the first part of the season our baits and techniques produced easy limits. Now things have gotten a lot tougher, but by doing the same thing, we are still catching fish when other's are not! So I will go over everything again, so if someone goes down there after reading one of my reports, they should still be able to catch some fish. Light line is a must #2-4 is what you need to use. For power bait fishing a number 16-18 treble hook is just right. Small split shots are all you need for weight while drifting. (14-16 inches from the hook to the split shot) You must be in contact with the bottom, so your poles must be bouncing all the time!!! (Don't worry there is no snags down there) The hot bait for me is Green garlic dipped in Garlic sauce. I am using Rainbow garlic power bait (mostly green in the bottle though) but I am experimenting with other Green garlic power baits. I fish from just above the last air ratter all the way to the reeds. (I am drifting the whole time in the boat) If someone was to follow this formula on a good weather day, I can't see how that wouldn't catch fish!!!

On to the fishing!!!

As I said earlier, "I am a 1 trick pony!!" I couldn't care less where everybody else was fishing, I know there is going to be enough trout down in the East end of the lake to make a day of it. (or in this case an afternoon of it) The wind was changing direction when we got down to the East end of the lake. We were in a monetarily lull with the wind, so I started drifting by the buoy's. I got bit on my first cast and we got bit on our last cast of the day. (in effect we had action the entire time we were fishing) The wind kind of changed directions around on us all day, so I just went with it!! When it was calm, I was near the buoy's. When it was blowing a little harder, I went above the air ratter and and put on a bigger split shot. It didn't matter where we went, we would get a bite or two. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't like they were biting every 5 minutes. Sometimes it was 20 minutes between bites and we even had a lull of 45 minutes without a bite. But by staying with it this was our results. 12 hook ups and 9 trout landed. (I got a limit and Phil just missed his) and 8 farmed bites. So we generated 20 bites in our 5 hours of fishing. Not bad but we do need to work on our bite to hook and land ratio!!! Or get there a little earlier and just generate more bites!!! Which is what our plan is next time we go!! Landing more fish will just be a product coming from that approach. (we are neglecting the other species of fish that inhabit the lake and I want to change all that)

Next week they will be doing another Trout stocking on Wed. In looking ahead we are going to get some cooler weather. (lows in the mid 30's at night) That should drop the water temperature and hopefully spur the trout into reacting better to peoples offerings. In talking to the boat dock attendant, it was a tough day for most people on the lake. We on the other hand, had a great day with limits of fun for both myself and my fishing partner Phil!!!

Till the next time Tight Lines.