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02-24-2017, 08:35 PM
I hate stating the obvious, but it has rained like Cats & Dogs all winter long here in Southern Calif. In doing so it shut down in my humble opinion the best Trout lake open to the public. It wasn't like I stopped going but instead of catching easy limits of nice trout. The water at the lake got all cloudy and murky and pretty much shut the trout bite down to just a pick. I never got shunked there but a typical catch of 2 or 3 fish was it for the last couple of trips. I even tried a little bit of catfishing with a fair result.

So today even though I knew the water had cleaned up quite a bit and they stocked on Wed. I wasn't overly optimistic about the prospect of fishing today. I had my trusty friend Glenn with me today and a pretty nice weather day. We got to the lake about 7:30 am and noticed it wasn't very crowded. Only about 6 boats were rented out for the whole day. We asked the nice man at the boat docks how the fishing has been and he said, "pretty good!!!" (that was a big confidence booster) So when we got to the East end of the lake (which has been the hot spot all season) we found ourselves all alone!!!!

The beauty of going to any lake multiply times in one season is, you already know what has been working and where the best spots have been. So I started off drifting with Orange Power bait dipped in garlic by the east end buoys. Since we were the only ones there, I could get really close to the reeds and make a parallel drift hitting all the choice spots down the reed line. I started off in the North west corner of the lake and after only about 5 minutes of drifting I got hammered by a real nice fish!!! It came up to the surface and I could see it was well over 6 lbs. It then took off and made a real good run and Glenn said, "you better get up there and chase it down." I wasn't in any big hurry, "what was it going to do, go into the reeds??" (it's a trout not a bass or a catfish) So I fired up the motor and moved up about 100 feet. Low and behold that sucker plowed himself deep inside of the reeds. (I never had a trout do that before) So guess what??? I lost it to the reeds!!!! I sure felt stupid on that one, that was the biggest trout I hooked all season at Lake Wohlford.

I then tried a drift in the center of the buoy line all the way back to the reeds. I then caught 2 eh 1.5 pounder that sure didn't get my blood pressure up. The wind then shifted to the North and we made a nice drift along the Eastern reeds. Bam my next fish was another good one. 5 plus pounder and after a really bad net job by Glenn the hook came out and I had a premature release on a really good fish right at the boat. I then hooked 2 more eh 1.5 pounders right in the mouth. I didn't want a limit of them, so I carefully removed the hook from their mouth and making sure not to touch them by keeping them in the net. (yes you can legally C&R trout at Lake Wohlford) That's another reason why I really like red hooks. (you can see them real easy when removing them) I then caught another eh 1.5 pounder that swallowed the hook. (I kept him) In the mean time Glenn hasn't had a bite yet. That doesn't count me missing 3-4 good bites, so I was getting a ton of action!!!!

Then it became Glenn's turn, he hooked 3 real decent fish in a row. They all weighed 3.35 lbs to 3.5 pounds. We kept all of them!!!! After that things went quiet!!!! No more bites for the next hour. Glenn was a little sore, so he asked if we could to make it an early day. I had plenty of action so what am I going to say???? I said let's make one quick catfish drift by the boat docks. Last trip we caught 2 catfish doing that and one of them was pretty decent. So I put on a juicy big night crawler on 1 pole and the same orange power bait on the other pole. (I still might hook a trout) We were drifting along and the orange power bait got bit. I'm thinking trout, nope it was a nice 4 lbs catfish. I admired him for a minute and back he went into the lake to grow a little larger. All in all a real fun day, even though the 2 biggest trout I hooked all season won their freedom. That's fishing!!!!!

03-03-2017, 09:39 PM
That's a pretty fantastic day. A 4 lb cat is lunch in my book. Thanks for the report.