View Full Version : Anyboby been fishin the wood lately?

Durdy Daug
01-30-2016, 06:37 PM
Haven't seen any new posts from the wood for a while, anyone been out there other than me? My new haunt will be the river as of next week, going for a long anticipated adventure to there next week, does anyone know if I should expect better action than what I've been seeing at the wood for the past several months?
Regardless of the bite I'm gonna go anyways, just can't stop thinking about it, read many posts about where people like to fish down there, so it is my plan to hit as many of the most popular spots like Katherine landing, Willow, and cottonwood. If all goes pretty well then I'm going to do a reporter the following week and several more this spring until it gets too crowded with the lake lice. Torn between the river and parris in March, when the LMB start their spawning, as I recall Silverwood's spawning was pretty uneventful last year, it may just be that I simply did not know what to look for.

02-01-2016, 11:16 AM
Spawn at Silverwood can be later than most other lakes in So Cal due to water temp. Don't have any positive reports to give at this time still rehabbing from knee surgery. Will be back at it soon though.

02-01-2016, 05:34 PM
there was a striper derby on the river recently. you can look up the results. bring some fresh bait like chovies or sardines and fish the chunk a bit too

02-05-2016, 05:11 AM
I FINALLY went to fish (have a bit of time off from my job) fished the dock wed. caught 2 striper 2lbs ish and nice cat a bit over 5lbs using nightcrawlers and anchovies. Going to try again today....

Kingfish Addict
02-10-2016, 06:38 AM
A buddy and I trolled Silverwood last weekend for a few hrs, caught a 2lb rainbow on a spinner...no other bites. Clouds moved in and the cold hard wind became too much so we called it a day...