View Full Version : How much did the farm cost?

Durdy Daug
12-30-2015, 03:51 PM
Don't know, but I almost "Bought the Farm" today, not once but twice! First time I slipped on the icy launch ramp getting the boat tied off to park the truck, and then the second time I slipped on the bare metal of the back of the boat, I must have looked quite comical, clinging to the rail for dear life while my feet were on the boat suspended over the icy water! A couple of guys ran over screaming "Hold on!" No disrespect intended, but I was thinking - No Sh¥€, have I got a choice? Well you would think that that would have been enough of a sign for the day I had in store... Nope, not the Durdy Daug. I cast my $200 deps 250 side swimmer, wearing my gloves, got a nasty birds nest, started to panic, tore my gloves off and picked away for the next while. Fortunately I was able to retrieve my lure. Line was frozen to the guides. Plugged away at all the usual spots... not even 1 bite. Went into Miller's canyon and was able to partially repay the kindness of the start of my day, a family of 5 had gotten their anchor stuck to a log, I don't know if they had a knife to cut the rope free or simply wanted to retrieve the anchor, I loaned then my gaff that I keep on board for just that purpose. The guy pulled and pulled, the anchor would not budge, so I threw them a line and put 150 hp to the rope, yup pulled the anchor out! Awesome! Wore 2 pairs of carhart socks and my feet stayed warm enough, I had bought the "darn tough" socks after reading a review on line. Big mistake, now I just ordered 3 pairs of "minus 40 degree socks" from BPS. hope they are warm enough for the serrias.
Oh yeah, I got skunked again today! No trout delivery by the time I left at 14:00. Water temp was 47°.

12-30-2015, 05:52 PM
I must of launched right after you, because I was warned by the guys that they saved you from drowning about the icy ramp. 23 degrees when I launched at 7:30, wind didn't help either. Managed 3 LMB.

12-30-2015, 05:57 PM
Wow,glad to hear your ok,to a plunge once myself into low 40dgrs water in a lake,couldn't feel my legs in about 45seconds!

Cya Tuna Vic

12-30-2015, 07:40 PM
We got skunked today also, but my son was able to save Durdy Daug from a certain Arctic Plunge! I did have one hell of a bite at the Quarry, but I lost it half way up. I sure hope the fishin at the Wood picks up soon!