View Full Version : 9/4 report and an observaton

09-04-2015, 06:58 PM
First .... water level unchanged and water temp 81*. The area outside the marina was boiling again this morning with the fish being very picky. So picky in fact that I have to say I have not ever seen anything like it. An hour or so casting at active boils and maybe hitting one fish. Just weird. Stripers are running deep, like 25-35 feet deep and on shad balls. If you don't put the bait on the fish they won't come up to your offering.

The reason I'm sure is the insane amount of bait right now. The bait is heavily silversides, but bass fry is also nuts. There were worries about the bass spawn due to changing water levels and lack of tullie cover. Not to worry. The spawn was huge this year. As Baja1ab noted his kids were catching bunches of juvenile LMB and I had the same experience today. 4" to 1/2 pound bass were all over my lures. The people I talked to in the lot and on the water were also catching tons of little bass. With the bait out there I can see next spring will be epic. Between the silversides, bass fry and the coming shad, I'm sure the stripers will not only soon be easier to find, but they (along with the LMB) will be really fat. Hang in there guys. Summer is about over and I can see great fishing ahead!

09-05-2015, 07:16 AM
A Great Report...Thanks!